What is IVLE Chat?

IVLE Chat is an instant messaging system for your module in IVLE. Users will have to log in to the chat room in order to take part in the online discussion. The text chat session is saved for future reference. Instructors can choose to broadcast a video or audio stream of themselves to the students.

Technical requirements

  1. Computer with:
    1. Internet access
    2. Web browser for IVLE


Inform your class before hand

Your students will not know which tool you will be using in advance. If you use IVLE Chat, you have to inform them what to expect. For example: The tutorial/seminar will take place at the usual time. Students have to log in to IVLE and go to a specific chat room to join the session.


  1. Create chat room in IVLE
  2. Inform students about the session
  3. Conduct chat session



IVLE Staff User Guide

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