In order to use the grades feature, you need to first set up the grades and its mapping marks range. After which, the graded item will then auto-populate the grade based on your inputted mark.

  1. Setting up the global grading schema
    This can then be used for the graded items under the module.
    1. Go to module's Gradebook.
    2. Click on the Gradebook Settings on the right menu. Click on the Grading Scheme tab. 
    3. Setup the mark range to map to each letter grade. Once finished, click on Done button.

  2. Apply grading schema to the graded item.
    Edit the graded item, under the Grading Schema tab, select the checkbox to apply the grading schema that you have set up in step (1).
    Or, you may edit the grading schema for this graded item only.

  3. Under Publish Settings tab, click on Yes to publish the Grades to the students.
    Click on the Done button.