This is not Turnitin. This page has instructions about Turnitin.

If you have come here via a search, clicking Create above does not send your report to Turnitin.

NUS students do not have access to Turnitin unless enabled by your instructors in LumiNUS.

  1. Login to Turnitin using NUSNET credentials has been disabled as of 15 December 2016. This is Turnitin's decision, not CIT's.
  2. If you have:
    1. used Turnitin directly before December 2016 or
    2. ever used Turnitin via LumiNUS or IVLE,
    you already have a Turnitin account with your NUSNET email as your username and a system-assigned random password.
  3. These instructions are applicable only to Turnitin users who need to access Turnitin directly.
    If you only use Turnitin via LumiNUS, these instructions do not apply to you.
  4. Instructors and students using Turnitin directly, do note the new account creation and submission process for students.

LOG IN to Turnitin

Bookmark the login page on your browser for quick access.

Go to the Turnitin login page.

Enter your Turnitin account email address.

Enter your Turnitin account password.

Click Log In.

Do not use the login link on the Turnitin homepage as that login link is not https secured.

RESET your Turnitin account password, if necessary

  1. You are only required to login directly to Turnitin if your instructor requires you to do so. Most Turnitin submissions are done directly in LumiNUS Files.
  2. You will know you are required to submit directly to Turnitin if you:
    1. receive a welcome email from Turnitin, or
    2. are provided a class ID and class enrolment password to enrol in a Turnitin class.
  3. If you were provided a class ID and class enrolment password by your instructor, follow these instructions.
    1. If you are prompted that your email exists in Turnitin, continue on to the reset your password instructions below.
  4. If you received a Welcome email from Turnitin,
    1. with a create your password link, disregard the instructions below and follow the instructions at this link to create a Turnitin account and join the class.
    2. only notifying you of that you have been added to a class in Turnitin, you already have an existing Turnitin account. Continue on to the reset your password instructions below.