For INSTRUCTORS using Turnitin via IVLE

Log in to IVLE.

Go to Files in your module.

In Edit Mode, go to the Turnitin submission folder where the issue occurs.

Click Helpdesk? on the top right.

Fill in the form and send the request.

Students do not have the Helpdesk link in Turnitin submission folders in IVLE. Please follow the instructions in the next section.

For INSTRUCTORS using Turnitin direct and ALL STUDENTS

Go to

Choose Instructor: Turnitin Feedback Studio (if you are staff) or Student from the How do you use Turnitin? drop-down list.

Choose the most appropriate option for I need help with...

Choose the most appropriate option for Just a little more information.

Click Find Answer.

Depending on your responses, you may be presented a solution.

If the answer is of assistance, click Problem Solved.

If the answer is of no help, click Raise a Ticket.

Fill in the fields.

Leave the following blank:

Provide Turnitin with the following information:

Click Send Ticket.