Here are some tips to Select Tutorials.  You may refer to RESOURCES ON MODREG FOR STUDENTS at ModReg here for videos on these steps.


GER1000H is offered at hall venues in Semester 1.

GEQ1000H is offered at hall venues in Semester 2.

Students are to ballot for tutorial classes located at their own Hall of residence

Select Tutorials Rounds 1 & 2


Appeals/ Inquiries 

By the end of the Add/Swap round, you should have secured a tutorial slot.

If for any reason you have not, you may submit an appeal via Appeals/Inquiries in ModReg.  This MUST be done one day after the Add/Swap round.  This is to ensure you secure a tutorial slot by the end of Week 1.

Students who do not have a tutorial slot by the end of Week 1, will be pre-allocated a slot from what is available and on a random basis.