Creating graded item from scratch means the grades are not imported from an excel file or from any of the assessment tools in LumiNUS. You may find that this option is useful when you are marking things like presentation.

The steps to create a graded item from scratch are as follows:

  1. Go to your module.
  2. Click Gradebook.
  3. Click + Add Graded Item.
  4. You will need to complete the form that appear:
    1. Select Create graded item from scratch.
    2. Fill in the Item Name.
    3. Fill in the Maximum Marks.
    4. Fill in the Description if you have any.
    5. Set Mark Anonymously to Yes or No depending on your requirement.
  5. Click the Grading Schema tab.
  6. If you want to apply a grading schema, untick Do not apply a grading schema for this item. A Letter Grade and Mark Range as specified in Gradebook Settings will then appear. You can adjust these accordingly.
  7. Click the Marking Options tab.
  8. Select Scoring by Marks and Grades or Rubrics according to your requirement. If you choose Rubrics, you will find the option to select previously created rubrics or create new ones.
  9. Click the Display Options tab.
  10. Specify if you want the Marks, Grades, Comments, Rubrics, or Statistics to be published by setting them to Yes or No accordingly.
    Some of the options may not appear depending if you choose to apply Grade or Rubrics in the previous steps. For example, Rubrics option will not be available if you have not chosen Scoring By Rubrics under step (8).

    The Grades option will not be editable if you have not enabled Grading Schema under step (6).

  11. Click Save.

You can start Input marks for your students.