China blamed for cyber-terrorism
Jul 29, 2008
Professor John Walker, managing director of forensics consultancy Secure-Bastion, said at the International Crime Science Conference in London last week that the Chinese government was behind the 'Titan Rain' attacks on the US and the UK.
The attacks were identified to have originiated from China servers but no official accusations have been made so far. Professor Walker's claims will add to the paranoia about Chinese hackers attacking visitors and business people travelling to the Beijing Olympics.

Titan Rain is the name given by the US government to a coordinated series of attacks on US computer systems.
It was not till last year that this matter has been taken seriously. In recent times, state-sponsored Chinese groups have been identified for attacking the UK and the US databases and infrastructure. Furthermore, this could pose a problem of state-sponsored electronic terrorism."No matter how much collaboration you have internationally, if you have a state-sponsored terrorist coming out of China or Russia you are not going to get them," Walker said.

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