The Speed of Production

By estimation, 75% of PCs installed in the world with Windows® OS are produced by
Taiwanese IT Companies. That's why "Taiwan Inside®" would probably be the most
suitable description of Taiwan's vitality and its position in the worldwide IT Industry [MyCS1105Project:1].

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Taiwan Industry Production At a Glance

Source MIC.December 2001[MyCS1105Project:2]

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Wireless Communication Industry

Source: OCllD/ MOEA[MyCS1105Project:3]


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Taiwan ICT Hardware Industry Major Products in 2002

Source: MIC. December 2002[MyCS1105Project:4]

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Taiwan Major Hardware ICT Hardware Forecast in Q4, 2003

Source: MIC/III, October/2003[MyCS1105Project:5]
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CT Industry Domestic Production Value Ranking

Source: JEITA. The Yearbook of World Bectronics Data, EIAK, MIC, November 2002[MyCS1105Project:6]
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Taiwan ICT industry

Source: [MyCS1105Project:7]
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Source:MIC/III, IEK/ITRI, January 2007[MyCS1105Project:8]

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Source: [MyCS1105Project:9]

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In March 2005, Internet World Stats reported that there were 12.2 million Internet users in Taiwan representing 53.5% of the population, the vast majority of whom are broadband users. As Taiwan's broadband and wireless communications infrastructure projects move toward completion and payment, data protection and regulatory mechanisms are put in place. Taiwan's digital content sector will experience even higher growth potential[MyCS1105Project:10].

Taiwan has become a world-class manufacturing centre and its advanced manufacturing capability is highly regarded in the global ICT market. In terms of production value or volume, a list of products made in and made by Taiwan is ranked No. 1 globally[MyCS1105Project:11]. Some of the examples are Motherboards, WLAN, WLAN NIC, Notebook PCs, VoIP Routers and Modems.

The "e-Taiwan" project is designed to breathe new life into ICT, provide highly efficient government services, and raise the competitiveness of the IT industry. The project provides the people of Taiwan with ongoing learning opportunities, and accelerate Taiwan's transition to a knowledge-based economy[MyCS1105Project:12].

To make knowledge more readily attainable, about US$1 billion was allocated to expand the area in which wireless internet access is available. Running from 2004 to 2008, the project builds on two of Taiwan's strengths: one of the highest cell phone penetration rates, and production of the highest amount of wireless LAN cards in the world.

Taiwan's achievements in e-government have been praised by many countries wishing to improve administrative efficiency. In the 2006 global e-government survey conducted by Brown University in the United States, Taiwan ranked second. There are currently 841 online services available to the public through the Citizen Digital Certificate system. The number of users has exceeded 4 million, and the e-services available include tax filing, business registration, downloadable forms for household registration, and access to numerous application forms and databases. The government recently approved plans to enable people to pay telephone, water, and electricity bills online.


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