Proposed Final Outline for our Wiki
1.    Climate Change(Introduction/Background)
1.1  Definition - changes in weather patterns
1.2  [Causes{*}||1]*
Natural: Gradual natural changes that have allowed plants, animals to adapt and migrate.
Human: Increasing industrialization and human activity (industry, agriculture, transportation) have affected the natural climate balance. This causes phenomenon known as Global Warming
1.3* *Impacts of Climate Change
n  Global warming(Increased Global temperatures at an unprecedented rate)
Water resources
Built environment/Architectures
Business and Finance
2.     ICT as a Solution to Climate Change - reduce greenhouse gases emissions
2.1  Achieving a Green Businesses/Industry through ICT
Remote sensing technology
Monitoring, assessment of air pollution
Forest fire management
Smart Management Systems in buildings
è Case Study: ICT in Beijing Olympics (to achieve a Green Olympics)
2.2  Role of Internet in Promoting Green Awareness
The Internet provides an easy, convenient and seamless way for information to transfer and aids in a faster dissemination of information that reaches a wider audience worldwide.
Government/Official Websites
Non-profit Organisations' Websites
Online Journals/Articles
Online Videos/films/documentaries
2.3  Other Spinoffs from the Advancement in ICT
The advancement in ICT has reduced need for paper/space. That translates to lower amount of energy to process wood pulps to make paper.
Change in Working Styles
 Telecommuting - emails and MSN networking tools make it possible
Change in Lifestyles
Reading news online
Writing diaries online: blogs
Online Shopping
Change in Teaching Styles
Use of smart boards
Online submissions of students' assignments
3.      Pitfalls/Limitations of ICT in Fighting Climate Change
Freedom of Expression
àInflux of sensational articles that debate whether or not Global warming is truly caused by man/human activities. This misleads people to dismiss the fact that human activities are indeed a major factor behind Global warming, thus undermining efforts taken to slow down the process.
ICT as a dilemma
è Use of ICT means the actual usage of electricity/energy to drive the machinery/computer systems.
Inability of ICT to stand as an independent solution
è ICT is not foolhardy. Need to complement with other solutions/measures such as
-         Strong governmental/leader support
-          Research and implementation of other Science and Technology: Geoscience(geothermal energy), innovations etc.
4.     Ongoing Research and Development of ICT in Fighting Climate Change
Conference Talks