Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based suite of office application that is available for all NUS students and staff. It allows you to collaborate, communicate, store and share documents, media and files with your students and fellow educators. Other than the web version, you will be able to download Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus application on up to Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones, for easy access to work at anytime, anywhere.


Application available

Microsoft Office 365 provides a wide range of application which you can use. Here are the list of applications which you may use.

Office 365

(Online access through web browser)

Office 365 ProPlus

(Offline usage)

Getting started

For staff and students, you may login to the Office 365 account by using your NUS user ID and password through

Alternatively for students, you may login through

Important Note

Please adhere to DMP guidelines on applying the required protection of the data when storing the data in the cloud.

You are reminded to adhere to the Software Terms of Use on downloading, installing, accessing and/or using the University software.

Helpful links

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