What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is a team communication service provided by Mattermost hosted by CIT which allows all team communication to be in one place, easy-to-use, searchable and accessible anywhere. With this you can share messages and files across phones and PCs, with archiving and instant search. Click this link to get started

How can I access TeamUp?

TeamUp is available on the web. Click this link to get started and create teams. Login using your NUSnet ID and password.

Native Applications:

How is a team organized?

  • Channels – Create open channels by project, topic, or team to share conversations with anyone in the organization.

  • Private Messages – Message colleagues directly to discuss topics one-on-one.

  • Private Groups – Create private groups to discuss sensitive information. No one knows about or can join closed channels without an invitation.

What are the features available?

  • Send messages and comments across public, private and 1-1 channels
  • Personalize notifications for unreads and mentions by source
  • Share files and images internally and externally
  • Drag, drop and tap to share files

    • Easy upload – Have all your files for business (PDFs, documents and spreadsheets) and media (images, audio and video) available over phones and PCs

    • Share with anyone – It’s easy to precisely permission file sharing to colleagues and groups within your organization as well as externally

    • Tag and Search – Organize files by tags to recall them quickly and search for files by channel, sender, date and other attributes.

  • Search public and private channels for historical messages and comments
  • View recent mentions of your name, username, nickname, and custom search terms

How do I invite users into my team?

After you have logged in, click on the 3 dots Menu and you should see 2 options:

  • Get Team Invite Link: Copy the team invite link from here and email it to other users to join.
  • Invite New Member: Put in the email and other details of the user and invite.

Please note that you can only invite users with valid NUSnet ID's