What is TeamUp?

TeamUp is a team communication service provided by Mattermost hosted by CIT which allows all team communication to be in one place, easy-to-use, searchable and accessible anywhere. With this you can share messages and files across phones and PCs, with archiving and instant search. Click this link to get started

How can I access TeamUp?

TeamUp is available on the web. Click this link to get started and create teams. Login using your NUSnet ID and password.

Native Applications:

How is a team organized?

What are the features available?

How do I invite users into my team?

After you have logged in, click on the 3 dots Menu and you should see 2 options:

Please note that you can only invite users with valid NUSnet ID's

Whom do I contact if I face any issues when using TeamUp or want to send feedback?

You can drop an email our TeamUp support group