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The workflows do not seem complete. Where can I access more information?

You can access more information on the individual services via their information pages. The link will be available under Resources on the sidebar of the respective pages.

Do I need a webcam?

No, a webcam is not compulsory for any of the options we offer. The most important piece of hardware is a headset with microphone. We advise against webcam use for Web Conferencing and Ink2Go as this will require more bandwidth and inflate file sizes.


What if I only decide what goes into a lecture the week before?

For online lectures, it is best to prepare whatever you can first, then add in the other content when you know what you need to add. This is because it will take some time to prepare your online lecture, especially if you have not tried any of the self- service tools before.

I need to include audio or video clips in my lecture. What should I do?

Fill in this form on the NUS Libraries portal. NUS Libraries staff will follow up on your request. Please allow for several weeks lead time if you want to do this.

For further assistance with digitized audio-visual materials, please contact Mrs TEO-PHOON Moi Yin (e) (p) 6516 1643.

Other tools/software

I use software other than what has been mentioned in this guide. Can I use this software to create my online lecture or conduct my tutorial/seminar?

Yes, please do so as long as your students can access the final output. Do keep CIT in the loop and send us any feedback you receive from students about the tool you have used during eLearning Week.

Can I host my online lecture content using external/non-NUS services?

Yes, this is not an issue if you agree with the terms of service and privacy policy of the third party services/web sites that you use.

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