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What is Adobe Presenter?

Updates & Announcements

From 1st June 2017, we would like to inform that we will no longer release any new licenses for Adobe Presenter. For existing users of Adobe Presenter, you may wish to use Camtasia or Panopto for future creation of content.

From 14 June 2017, all users who wish to access Breeze server(for viewing of content or editing/uploading) outside NUS campus are required to connect to webVPN.  

If you have any further questions regarding the change of service, please feel free to contact Mr WEE Ying Qin.

Adobe Presenter enables you to add audio, video, simple quizzes and interactivity to PowerPoint presentations.

This is enabled by the Adobe Presenter plugin, which works within PowerPoint. Using a microphone, you can record your audio slide by slide, transforming the presentation into a standalone web-accessible presentation.

Adobe Presenter Screenshot

Technical requirements

  1. Windows computer with:
    1. Internet access
    2. Microphone
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or later (recommended to use 32bit version)
  3. Adobe Presenter plugin for PowerPoint (download after registration)

Only the creation of Adobe Presenter presentations requires Windows and PowerPoint.

Users can view Adobe Presenter presentations on any internet-connected Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux) that has Flash Player installed.


Start preparing early

You will need time to plan, record and upload the presentation. Traffic jams happen online as they do in real life during rush hour. As we anticipate high demand, many faculty staff will be attempting to upload their presentations close to eLearning Week. This may result in slow or failed uploads. You can avoid these online traffic jams by preparing early.

Keep the PowerPoint file small

This will reduce the possibility of a failed upload. Also, you can follow these tips for:

You should also break up your lecture into 30-minute (or so) sections for easier uploading.

Resist the temptation to re-record

As Adobe Presenter allows you to record your audio per slide, you may be tempted to re-record every slide until you get it perfect. This can be very time consuming. In fact, a few imperfections may help to make a scripted presentation seem more natural and lively.

Publishing Adobe Presenter outside the campus

If you decide to publish your presentations at home, you are advised to use this alternative upload method for better speed and reliability.

If you have inserted video or more than one hour of audio recording in your presentations, you are strongly advised to publish your presentations on campus instead. Your presentation may take a long time to upload from outside campus due to the large file size.

Copying your PowerPoint files with Adobe Presenter recordings to another computer

If you have recorded a Adobe Presenter presentation at home, but would like to publish it from a different computer on campus, then you must copy both the original PowerPoint presentation and the accompanying folder which Adobe Presenter creates for you. This folder will be found in the same location as your PowerPoint file.

  • The accompanying folder will be the PowerPoint file name plus "_pptx". e.g. If your PowerPoint file is named "Presentation1", the folder created will be named "Presentation1_pptx".

To display your Adobe Presenter Presentation in IVLE Workspace

View Instructions.

Adobe Presenter Help


Adobe Presenter (Breeze) Service Desk
Log in with your NUSNET ID and password.


The workflow below is an outline. Visit the Adobe Presenter page for the relevant links.

Register (for new users) (For Emergency situation, skip Registration)

  1. Visit CIT's Adobe Presenter Registration page
  2. Click Register and fill in form (for new users)
  3. After receiving confirmation email, proceed to Install.


  1. Visit CIT's Adobe Presenter Installation page
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Enter the Serial Number provided in the Adobe Presenter Installation page when prompted during installation
    (For Emergency situation, skip this step and proceed to install the 30 days trial version)
  4. Open Microsoft PowerPoint
  5. Configure Adobe Presenter preferences


  1. Open pre-existing presentation or create a new presentation
  2. Record audio over presentation
  3. Publish presentation to Breeze server
  4. Publish presentation URL to IVLE Multimedia


  1. Login to IVLE Adobe Presenter Upload page
  2. Fill in the form. Paste the URL of your Adobe Presenter Presentation in the Breeze URL field