You can use the Quiz tool to create and administer online quizzes.

Step 1:  Navigate to the Quizzes page and click + Quiz

Quiz1 and 2.png

Step 2: Click the Add Quiz button.

Step 3: Select Classic Quizzes and then click Submit

arrows pointing at Classic Quizzes and Submit buttons

Step 4: Edit quiz details in the "Details" tab.  Enter the name of your quiz. Write instructions to students about the quiz with text, images, video, or math equations in the Rich Content Editor. You may also record an introduction to the quiz using the media commenting option. Complete the rest of the quiz details.

Quiz 4.png

Step 5: Click the "Questions" tab. By clicking the "New Question" button , you can manually construct a new quiz question.

Quiz 5.png

Step 6: Name your quiz question, as the quiz questions are not automatically numbered. Fill in the question text field with a custom name for your quiz question. 

Quiz 6.png

Step 7: You may construct the following types of quiz questions using the question type drop-down menu: 

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Fill-in-the-Blank
  • Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks
  • Multiple Answers
  • Multiple Drop-down (can be used for Likert scale)
  • Matching
  • Numerical Answer
  • Formula (simple formula and single variable)
  • Essay
  • File Upload

Step 8: Enter the points in the "pts" field to set the point value for the question. 

Quiz7 and 8.png

Note: You can use up to two decimal places in your quiz point values. If you enter more than two decimal places, the point value will be rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Step 9: Click the "Update Question" button to save your question. You can create additional Quiz questions for this Quiz.

Step 10: To save your work and see a preview of the quiz, click the "Save" option. Click the "Save & Publish" button when you're ready to publish your quiz and make it available to students.

Quiz9 and 10.png

Step 11: To see what students will see when they take the quiz, you can click the "Preview" button.

Note: While you can make changes to the quiz after it has been published, students who have already opened or completed it will not notice the changes, which could influence their grades.

Quiz 11-1.png