For the sake of full transparency to NUS faculty and staff, we have documented our concerns about the transition to the New Quizzes tool in Canvas. New Quizzes feature is still in beta, and we are continuing to find new bugs and issues with its use. For instructors wanting to still use the New Quizzes feature, please do so at your own risk, and be aware of the limitations and bugs when you decide to use.

This document will be updated as the transition progresses, and our concerns/issues are addressed either by Instructure (the company that develops and maintains Canvas) or our own custom solutions. Do refer back to this document periodically to see updates.

  1. Quizzes with multiple attempts can reveal scores momentarily (RESOLVED)

    Students could exploit a bug (that was discovered in Feb 2023) in Canvas to view their scores for a split second even if the settings are for students not to see their scores, and the grades are set to Manual.

    To stop students from seeing their scores, make sure that all boxes are unchecked for the Restrict student result view option. Do not check the show items and questions or the show student response boxes. 

    Note: This issue DOES NOT OCCUR for quizzes that only allow for a single attempt.

  2. Problems with viewing New Quizzes submissions in SpeedGrader (RESOLVED)

    • In some New Quizzes, instructors get a Couldn't find valid settings for this link error message when trying to access students' submissions via SpeedGrader.

  3. Grades discrepancy during regrading/moderation

    • When quizzes are regraded through moderation, the updated scores take time to reflect properly in the quiz and the gradebook.

  4. Missing or Limited functionality in New Quizzes

    • No ability to set dates for showing/hiding correct answers.
    • No ability to view/download Student Analysis. 
    • No surveys.
    • No download of file submissions in bulk, if a file upload feature is used in quizzes.
    • Rich content editor features in New Quizzes are limited:
      • No buttons to embed a non-media file or files from Videos/Panopto and Studio directly. 
      • No ability to record audio/video directly.

  5. Changed functionality in New Quizzes

    • No practice quizzes.
      You may set the quiz to zero points or set to ‘do not count in final grade’, but it will still appear in the gradebook. 

    • No ability to create stand-alone text blocks.
      You may however use the stimulus function, but you will need to attach a question (or questions) for the text to be displayed. 

    • Manual sharing of Item banks for course team.
      Authors of Item banks have to take action to share them with other users, including the rest of the course team. Question banks are not automatically made available to all course instructors/admins by default.