Note: When copying the videos if the dropdown option does not show the Course you want to copy it to, activate the Videos/Panopto by clicking on the Videos/Panopto section in your course that you want the Videos to be copied.

In Canvas, go the the Course where you want to copy the videos from.
  1. Proceed to the Videos/Panopto section of the Course.

  2. To copy the videos to another Course's Videos/Panopto, click the arrow pointing out the box icon on the top right corner as shown below.

  3. Mouse over any of the videos, then check the individual video or check the select all checkbox, then you will see the Copy option.

  4. Once the videos are selected, click Copy.

  5. You will see the following screen.

  6. Select the Course to copy to or type the course code.

    1. If you used the drop down option, you will select Canvas Courses → followed by the Course you wish to copy the files to as shown below.
      Note: If the drop down option did not show the Course you want to copy it to, you will need to go to the Course you are copying to and click on Videos/Panopto section to activate the Videos/Panopto section for copying.

    2. If you type the course code, you will see the course folder. It should indicate that it is in Canvas Courses. You will need to select the Course to copy to.

  7. Once selected it will look like this. Click Copy to start the copy process.

  8. After you click Copy, you can close the MediaWeb window. If you have many videos and/or long videos, the processing will take a while.

  9. You can check that the videos are copied to the new course sucessfully in Videos/Panopto of the target course.