If you are adding in direct links to videos located within you Videos/Panopto section, then students may not have sufficient permissions to access. To ensure that students have access do either one of the following to share videos in your courses:

Embed videos in Canvas:

  1. From the Rich content editor, click on the plug icon and choose Videos/Panopto

  2. Navigate to the existing video or recording to embed.

You can embed Panopto videos on Pages, Announcements, or Discussions. 

Add videos as items within a Module:

In Modules:

  1. Click + in the respective module.

  2. In the Add drop-down list, choose External tool, and then choose Videos/Panopto.

  3. If the video has already been uploaded, Choose the appropriate video that needs to be added.
    Otherwise, you can also Upload a video to Videos/Panopto and embed it in the module.