You can use the create groups and group homepages for your individual tutorial/lecture groups, as restricting Files access to sections that silos content for a tutorial/lecture/seminar in courses is not possible in Canvas.

The easiest way to create the groups is via an import. Before importing, you will need to download your class roster in order to facilitate this.

For example, the "Group set" can be created as Lecture Groups, within which you can have the groups named as Lecture Group 1, Lecture Group 2, etc. Once the groups are created, in People, you will find the group set as a tab (in the example screenshot, the group set is Assignment Groups).  Students can access the groups from this the tab.

To access the group space, instructors will need to click the "three vertical dots" for a group, and then click "Visit group homepage".

You will see that each group has a limited, mini-version of Canvas. To navigate between groups, click Switch Group on the top left.

This is a workaround with caveats

  1. Groups are not synced with EduRec. Changes to student enrolment after you create the groups are not reflected in the group membership. Any students enrolled after group creation will have to be added manually to the groups.
  2. Groups are supposed to be for student collaboration - they have equal permissions as instructors in their respective group homepage - so, for example, they could delete files you upload.
  3. Instructors are all equal in Canvas, so they can see all the group homepages. The students will only be able to see their own group homepage.