Non-NUS instructors should be given visitor accounts to facilitate their use of Canvas as well as other NUS systems (e.g. Zoom, Panopto, ExamSoft) for teaching and learning in NUS.

Visitor accounts are the purview of the respective departments.


Apply for NUS Visitor account

  1. Instruct the non-NUS user to install the VIP Access app on their chosen 2FA mobile device ( and share the Credential ID (e.g. SYMC xxxx xxxx) with you. Users can tap and hold the Credential ID in their app to copy it.

  2. Approach your Department Account Administrator (DAA). Your DAA will access the IAM Visitor Portal ( to submit a visitor request. Make sure the Credential ID i.e. SYMC xxxx xxxx is included in each request.

  3. IT Care will notify the requestor and staff-in-charge of the visitor when 2FA registration is completed.

Add the NUS Visitor account to People in the course

Once the visitor account has been created, the department Canvas representative can add the visitor account via People to the course.

Do note that NUS Visitor accounts may take a day or two to be provisioned in Canvas.