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3rd week Sep

Academic Integrity for Remote Assessments

The Academic Integrity for Remote Assessments is now displayed on the quiz landing page. Students can read on them before taking online assessments/exams remotely. They will have to abide to the terms and conditions before taking any quizzes.

Proctoring for Exams

The information for Exam Proctoring using Proctortrack is available. Edit on the quiz and you will find the wiki link Proctortrack for Quiz on the right menu. You may opt for it for your module's final exam.

2nd week Sep

Renaming of Passwords to Passcodes 

Zoom has recently changed the use of Passwords to Passcodes for meetings to prevent confusion with your individual user password, which should never be shared.

Keyboard hotkeys for multimedia player

It's easier to control the multimedia player now with the implementation of keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse. Hotkeys allow viewers to control the player by using their keyboard, just like how you control the video such as YouTube, eg. spacebar to pause/play, right/left arrow key to forward/backward.

Batch creation of categories based on the groups

This allows you to quickly create each category to be accessible to the respective group.

To access this, click on ellipsis (3 dots) for the heading. Click on Bulk Create Categories.

Share download URL of a file

If you need to share the direct download link of your file to your accessible students in the folder, you can now click on Copy File Link under the ellipsis (the 3 dots) of the file record. This save the hassle of students having to look for the file in that folder.

1st week Sep

Option to send email to both student and guest rosters

Now in Class & Groups, you can go to Student Roster or Guest Roster tab to send email to both rosters.

View students who have not completed the survey

Now, you can identify those students who have not done your survey, and give them a nudge.

Better display format for all search modules

When typing your module in the drop-down list, it displays the module with the semester and the owner clearly.
Example, when duplicating a module, you can easily identify your teaching modules especially if you have been teaching the same module for the past semesters or if you and your colleagues have the same module code.

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