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Mac users might run into the below error when trying to install the Proctortrack app. If you see this error, please upgrade your Mac OS.

Please take note:

Before proceeding to update your Operating Systems, 

1) Check if you have purchased any software licensed such as Microsoft Office/Adobe etc.

2) If yes, you have purchased the licensed software, please checked that it can run on the Mac OS version that you are going to upgrade. 

How to upgrade your Mac OS?

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Go to Apple Icon and click on "About this Mac” 


Step 3: Find out what is your Mac specs info


Step 4: Check compatibility

Step 5: If your device meets the compatibility, before proceed to upgrade, please BACKUP ALL YOUR FILES.

Step 6: Find out whether you can upgrade to macOS Catalina. If you still need macOS High Sierra, click on the link "Get macOS High Sierra". It will open in the App Store. Download and Install. 

Step 7: Proceed to download and install the Proctortrack app.

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