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The following guide will give you a tutorial if using an assessment with ExamID and ExamMonitor enabled.

  1. When you download Examplify for Windows or Mac using version 2.3.3 or newer, you will now notice exams that have ExamID or ExamMonitor enabled have these icons on the dashboard. 

  2. For the first time you use this new software, after you click Enter to begin your exam, you will see a 'Welcome to ExamID' screen. You can click on Get Started to continue. If you have already taken your baseline photo, you will begin at the section that takes your photo and will not be asked to agree to consent or setup camera permissions again.

  3. Next, you will see the Biometric Consent to Collect. You will need to agree to this by clicking the checkbox and clicking Next.

  4. Next, we will begin to ask you for various permissions including camera and microphone access. If you are a Mac device, you may also be asked for Disk Access. For a list of permissions, please navigate to these links:

    MAC Permission

    Windows Permission

  5. Click Next to allow the system to request these permissions and make sure you click OK when permissions are requested. If you deny permissions, you will be forced to enter a resume code to begin the assessment.

  6. Once permissions have been granted, you need to verify the camera Examplify will use and if you have multiple devices, select the device in the dropdown.

  7. Next you need to verify the microphone Examplify will use and if you have multiple devices, select the device in the dropdown.

  8. After selecting the microphone, green will fill a portion of the indicator on a functioning microphone. If this does not occur, choose a different microphone.

  9. Select Continue button and Examplify will attempt to take your photo.

    Kindly take note that the first photo is very important and will be used as the baseline photo for ID verification.

  10. Remain still so the camera can take a good photo. 

  11. If it is able to successfully auto-detect your face, a circle will be placed around your face and you can then click Save & Continue.  If the image looks blurry, you can click Retake to take another photo.  

  12. From here, the photo will process and then you will be ready to begin your assessment.  
    Next, you will move into ExamMonitor.  There is nothing for you to do here, but you will see a few changes to Examplify.  

  13. At the top of the screen, you will now notice an eyebrow pull-down that says Monitoring.  If you click on this, you can see your live video feed.  Clicking anywhere in Examplify will exit this screen and return you back to Examplify.  Additionally, you will notice that your camera light is on.  Make sure you do not have your webcam covered to prevent any proctoring errors in your exam.

    Position your device in such a way that your whole face and shoulder are captured by the camera throughout the exam.

    Refer to the GOOD example below to position your device in such a way that your whole face and shoulder are captured by the camera throughout the exam. 

    Below are some BAD EXAMPLES of not positioning yourself correctly for ExamMonitor.
    - Do not cover your face

    - Do not expose only your hair/forehead

    -Do not expose only half of your face

  14. Continue to take your assessment as normal.  When you are finished with your assessment, click Finish or click the Home Menu and click Submit Exam.
    You will notice that the Monitoring eyebrow will remain on and your camera light will remain on until you click the checkbox and click Submit Exam.

  15. Next, you will see a screen that will tell you your files are being uploaded.  

  16. You will then see the familiar 'green screen' that tells you that your answer file has been uploaded, but proctoring files are still uploading.  You can click Return to Dashboard if you need to back and take another assessment or you can click Return to Dashboard to see your upload status.

  17. From the dashboard, you can see if your proctoring files are still in Pending Upload status. The green checkmark will continue to move if the files are uploading. ExamMonitor requires a minimum of a 2 MB upload speed.  Uploading a 90-minute exam on a 2 MB upload connection will take approximately 10 minutes.  Most exams, however, will upload in 2-3 minutes on an average of 10 MB upload.

  18. Once the answer file and the proctoring files have been uploaded, your file status will change to go to the Completed section with a green checkmark.  At this point, you may close Examplify and shut off your computer and/or internet connection. 

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