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Registration option is only available when scheduling using the NUS Zoom Web Portal at 

You will then provide a registration link to your audience instead of a Join URL.

Participants will register, and depending on Manual or Automatic Approval, they will then receive the Meeting Invitation from Zoom.


Avoid editing your registration questions after registration has opened. Someone who have already registered may be asked to register again when trying to join the meeting on actual day.

  1. Schedule a meeting with Registration Required.
    Registration option is only available on the web portal only.

  2. Invite Attendees 
    In this section, you can find your meeting link and the list of registrants. You can also set the type of registration for the meeting.
  3. Registration Options
    Configure the registration option by selecting the approval type, registration questions, and some additional registration settings.
    1. There are 2 types of approval:
      1. Automatic Approval: Anyone who signs up will receive information on how to join.
      2. Manual Approval: Anyone who signs up will need to be approved by the host on the meeting management page.
        You can opt in or out for email notifications when someone registers.
        You can also not allow registration after the scheduled meeting time has passed.
  4. Select which questions are required and optional. 

  5. Custom questions are supported. Example: Faculty, Country.

    Registration helps to ensure only approved registered user gets a unique join URL from Zoom. Others will not be able to join without registration even if they have the Meeting ID and Passcode.
    Zoom only requires the First Name and Email Address from registrants, so that they can send out the invitation confirmation and information.


    Note that you are responsible for handling the data provided by your registrants.
    Do not ask more than necessary.
    You may also want to mention how you will use the data you obtain on the registration page.