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This section addresses the following questions:

  • What assessment strategies can I use in an online educational environment?
  • How can I provide and receive feedback that supports my students' learning and improves my online teaching?
  • How can I assess students remotely and maintain assessment integrity?

It is important to emphasise that when teaching is moved online, it is necessary to review assessment tools and approaches to in-class feedback to see if they are suitable for an online setting. Midterm and final examinations that hold a greater weighting of students’ overall evaluation may not be suitable for online delivery.

In general, it is better to use activities associated with small weightings throughout the semester for online modules. Summative assessment activities evaluate a students’ learning at the end of a learning period, e.g. midterm tests assess students’ understanding at the midterm stage. Formative assessment aims to identify aspects of learning as it is developing in order to deepen and shape subsequent learning through feedback. Formative techniques work well in the online environment as they support the continuous need for interaction, feedback and evaluation. One of the benefits of digital assessment activities is that they can engage students in a medium that focuses on 21st century skills. Instructors need to consider the support students will require if they are to be fairly evaluated using such media.

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