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Some points to consider if you are recording your Zoom sessions:

  • Permission
    • Please respect the privacy of your attendees. PDPA.
    • Ensure everyone has been informed that the meeting will be recorded
    • Note that their permission has been given.
    • In addition to your communication of this to your attendees, Zoom has a visual notification that the meeting is being recorded for those joined on a computer or mobile device and an audible notification for those on the phone.

  • Requirements
    • If you are going to Record on this Computer (local), prepare 1GB of  disk space for a ONE hour class.
  • Sharing of recording 
    • This is important to help ensure prevention against inappropriate access to or use of the recording.
    • If you had record locally on the computer, best to upload it to LumiNUS or MediaWeb. You need not worry about access. You can then decide if students can view only or download too.
    • If you had record to cloud, you can share the recording link with password.

  • Storage of recording
    • Please take care to maintain the security of recorded files.

  • Duration of recording left on the cloud storage
    • The recording should not be kept longer than necessary.
    • Example: Best to delete the sessions in LumiNUS at the end of every semester.