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Step 1. Login at

Step 2. Click Create or the + button from the left bar to start creating questions.

Tips: Newly created poll will be put under Ungrouped. You may want to group questions that belong to the same session so that the setting and report can be set and generated together.

Step 3 (if required). If you want to track your student, decide how you want to do that. There are 2 options that you can choose.

Option 1: Create one Open-ended question to ask students to enter their Student number / NUS student ID / Name in every session. You can have the question at the beginning or end of the session.

Please note: participants can only attempt question which are currently active, so having the question at the beginning of the session may exclude people who come late to the session, i.e. the rest of their answers will not be able to be identified.

Example of the open-ended question:

  • Please enter your NUS student ID, the one in the following format: e0123456. 
  • Please enter your name as written in your matric card.

Option 2: Restrict the questions to registered participants only. This will force the participants to login before answering.

  • All NUS users (staff and students) can login using their NUS id and password.
  • If you want to track Non-NUS participants, you have to import them first. Please refer to this guide on how to import Non-NUS participants.

Steps to restrict the questions to registered participants are as follows:

  1. Select your group of questions.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. On Who can participate? option, set it to Restrict to registered participants only.
  4. Click Apply.

Step 4. Do either one of the following:

Option 1: Insert the poll into PowerPoint, Key note, or Google Slides and then run the slides. Make sure the plugin for the software has already been installed in the computer that you use to create and present the slides. Also make sure that you are logged in in the plugin.

Example of how Poll Everywhere plugin appear in PowerPoint.

For information on how to insert the questions in MacOS, please refer to this guide.

Option 2: Login to the site and click on the title of the first poll in your group and start presenting by clicking the Fullscreen button. Click Next to move on to the next poll.

Example of how to present the question from the web.

Each instructor will have an instructor code that is attached to a url that students can go to respond to the questions. The url to respond to the questions will be in the following format:

Alternatively, students can install Poll Everywhere app and then enter the instructor code. The app can be found here:

Links are at the bottom of the page or under the header MOBILE APPS.

Step 5 (if required). Export the report or gradebook.


Steps to export the report:

  1. Select your group of question.
  2. Click the grey Report button on top.
  3. Most instructor find the Gradebook report type to be useful.
    • If the questions can be graded, the grade will be automatically calculated.
    • This report also presents the participation percentage, which is how many question the participants answer out of the total number of question.
  4. Export the excel file by clicking the Download button on the right hand panel.

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