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Your new Chen Yulong’s Space wiki.

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This is Chen Yulong from China. I am a bassoon major student.

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Short term in year 1 semester 1

I want to study more knowledge about computer. Because my elective is computing and I am also interested in computer. In this term I choise the IT 1001 class. This lesson is intruduction of computing. I learnt many things about the computer. Such as Software and Hardware, mother board, programme, cloud computing, computer in company and security of computer. In the middle of this term I also program two pages of website. That made me know how to make website. I think this class is very interesting for me.

Short term in semester 2

Play one or more bassoon concerto or sonata pieces in this semester. I hope I  can compose better than last semester during MUT study. Play one or more bassoon quartet piece with my studio 

This is the 4 year plan of my major study in YST.
1st year
Classical and Baroque period works and technique
SIX DUOS CONCERTANTS in two bassoons with major teacher
Intruduction of computing
2nd year
Romantic and 20th century period works and technique
Deal with the rhythm problem in major play
Milder concert etudes
3rd year
20th century and baroque period works and technique
Bassoon concerto piece
4th year
Symphony orchestra segment

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  1. Hello there,

    This is your first assessment of your ePortfolio. Your course plan is somehow still incomplete and your goals are also not complete. I don't see that you've added anything at all this semester so you get a 0 grade. You are failing.