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  1. Login to ExamSoft web portal.
    Refer to this link on how to login ExamSoft web portal.

  2. In ExamSoft web portal, click Courses in the menu navigation.


  3. Select the correct course.


  4. How to download instructions/assignment file:

    1. Click on the ACTION Download Instructions/Assessment button. 

    2. Click Download to download the instructions/assignment file. Close the pop up window after download.     


  5. How to preview grading rubric:

    1. Click on the Grading Rubric


    2. Preview Grading Rubric window will pop up. Click Close after reading.


  6. How to upload assignment file:

    1. Click on ACTION Upload Assignment or Green Upload button to upload your file.


    2. An upload window will pop up and click Browse to select your file to upload.


    3. Select the correct file and click Open.


    4. Click Upload button to upload the file.


    5.  A confirmation message in green indicates “Your file has been successfully uploaded”. You may close the pop up window.


    6. On the course page, you will see the uploaded file name will be displayed under Upload File Name with Upload Date/Time as well.

  7. How to overwrite uploaded assignment file:

    1. Click on the ACTION Upload Assignment or Green Upload button to upload a new file. 

    2. On the pop up window, click the red cross button to delete the uploaded file.


    3. Click OK to confirm delete the uploaded file.


    4. A confirmation message in green indicates “Your file was successfully deleted”.  Click on the Browse button to select your file to upload.

      NOTE:  Repeat step 6a-f to upload a newer version of the written assignment.

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