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Download this guide as PDF. Please save paper, print only if necessary.

Location: AS4-01-13


  1. Email to book the Arts & Social Sciences Self-Recording Room. Please note the operation hours (on the right).
  2. The FASS room booking administrator will respond to to your booking request.

Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Operation hours: The Arts & Social Sciences Self-Recording Room is available on working weekdays from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs.
  2. Please restrict your booking to four (4) consecutive hours per day maximum.
  3. Users should collect the room key from FASS AV Unit at AS4-01-11. Please return the room key after use.
  4. Please use the room for recording only. Editing should be done on your own computer.
    Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac are available from CIT.


Support Documents

Camtasia Studio 8

Before turning up for recording

 Click for Do's and Don'ts.

Please bring a large capacity thumbdrive (more than 8 GB) or external hard disk with you.

  • You will need to save your work to continue editing elsewhere.
  • The recording PC is also regularly cleared.
  • Look neat and tidy.
  • Wear bright solid colours or pastels.
    Blue, purple, pink, yellow are good colours for recording.
  • Wear stripes, polka dots, fine checks or other patterns.
  • Wear maroon, black or white.
    Maroon or black may blend with the background. White may be too reflective.
  • Have items in breast pockets or wear reflective jewellery.
If you are chroma keying
  • Have a short and neat haircut. Long hair should be tied up neatly.
    This will give allow for clean separation between you and the green screen.
  • Wear green.
    This will interfere with the chroma keying - the background you insert will appear on your clothes.

Recording workflow

  1. Switch off mobile devices.

  2. Start up PC.

  3. Choose curtain:
    1. Maroon - for normal recording
    2. Green - for chroma keying (make sure curtain is flat)
  4. Switch off room lights, switch on recording lights.

  5. Set up Camtasia Recorder

     Expand for set up instructions.

    1. Launch Camtasia Recorder

    Double-click Recording on the desktop or Camtasia Recorder from the Start screen.

    2. Set basic recording settings

    1. Click Full screen.
    2. If Webcam off, click to Webcam on. (You will see a thumbnail preview.)
    3. If Audio off, click to Audio on.


    If you mouseover the webcam thumbnail, you will see the webcam preview.

    3. Go to advanced Options

    1. Click at Webcam on or Audio on.
    2. Click Options...

    4. Set Tools Options > Inputs

    1. Set:
      1. Screen capture frame rate to 30.
      2. Audio device to Microphone (Shure Digital ).
      3. Uncheck Record system audio if your presentation/software you are recording does not have audio.
      4. Webcam device to Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.
    2. Set audio level.
      1. Talk into the microphone at your usual volume and at a natural distance from the microphone.
      2. At your loudest, the peak should be around 75%.
      3. Adjust the slider to change the audio level.
    3. Set Device properties... (refer to 5a and 5b below)
    4. Set Format settings... (refer to 6 below)
    5. Click OK.

    5a. Set Device properties... > Webcam Control

    1. On the Webcam Control tab:
      1. Uncheck Follow my face.
      2. Uncheck RightSound.
      3. Uncheck Auto-focus (if the option is available).

    5b. Set Device properties... > Advanced Settings

    1. Click the Advanced Settings tab, then:
      1. Uncheck RightLight. (Ignore the screenshot. Enabling RightLight leads to Audio-video sync issues.)
      2. Adjust Exposure, Gain, Brightness, Contrast and Color intensity manually.
      3. Uncheck Auto for White Balance.
      4. Drag White Balance slider until skin tone appears natural.
    2. Click Save when done.

    6. Set Format settings...

    1. From Tools Options > Inputs tab, click Format settings... (refer to 4).
    2. Set Output Size to 1280 x 720. (This is the default for MOOCs and iBLOCs.)
      1. You may set to other dimensions if your recording requires it.
      2. Full HD (1920 x 1080) is not recommended.


  6. Launch software to be recorded.

  7. Record.

     Expand for recording tips.


    • Have a practice session if you intend to use the tablet and have little or no experience using one.
    • Choose the background.
      • Maroon is the normal background.
      • Green is for chroma keying. (For rooms with windows, green must be used with maroon. The maroon curtain blocks light from outside.)
      • Do not use without any background.
    • Switch on the recording lights, and switch off the room lights when adjusting settings and while recording.
    • Adjust video and audio settings in Camtasia Recorder before starting.
    • Adjust settings via software only. The recording room setup has been optimised for a wide range of use. Try not to move hardware or adjust the recording lights.

    While recording

    • When recording, leave a pause before you start and stop. This gives you space to edit.
    • If using the green curtain for chroma keying, make sure the curtain is as flat as possible.
    • Look at the webcam when addressing your students.
    • Record with a smile, even if not using the video. It will make a big difference in the audio.
    • Look at the tablet when annotating. (During editing, you can remove the webcam view or place the webcam view such that you appear to be looking at the slides.)
    • Change slides using the arrow keys on the keyboard rather than a mouse-click. It sounds less jarring in the recording.
    • Do not talk over slide changes. This makes it harder to edit.
    • Save often. Save every few slides rather than record at one go. This is better than recording for some time, then discovering something is wrong at the end of the long recording.
    • Check the recording after each save. If you cannot see the webcam in the preview when saving, click Shrink to Fit.

    After recording

    • Save your work on your own thumbdrive or external hard disk. The computer account is shared, so delete your files and work before leaving.
    • Remember to clear the browser's history and cache before logging off.
    • Remember to switch off the PC after use.
    • Return equipment to their original position.

  8. Save work to your own external media.



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