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(A) Make a module a Non-Academic module

Non-Academic modules are unofficial modules that are open to a very large audience (e.g. all students/staff) without the need to create student or guest rosters. 


Please use this option ONLY IF the module is for all students/staff. 

  1. Follow the steps here in creating a module: How to create a module?

  2. Click on the Module Settings at the left menu.
    Go to the Non-Academic Modules tab. Select Yes for Non-Academic Module. More options are displayed.
    Fill in the following details:

    1. Type,

    2. Audience

    3. Display Note

    4. Overview


      Non-NUS users taking Non-Academic modules

      If your non-academic modules are to be opened for non-NUS users too, please add them in the Guest Roster so that they are authorised to access LumiNUS. Here is the relevant user guides on:

      Once you have chosen the Type as Self-enrolment, the target audience(s) will need to search and enrol in this module on Module Search page. For more info, refer to - View/Enrol in non-academic modules (self-enrolment)?

      After which, the enrolled module will displayed under My Modules > Non-Academic Modules tab on their Dashboard.

      You can view the enrolled audiences in the Guest Roster > Non-Academic (System) guest group. 


      Once you have chosen the Type as Auto-enrolment, the target audience(s) can see and access the module under My Modules > Non-Academic Modules, or access the module using the direct module link. There is no need for facilitators to put students into the Roster. Learners need not enrol themselves too.

      Since it is an auto-enrolment, hence the rosters are empty.

      Note that this option is ONLY IF the module is mandatory for a very large student or staff population (for example, all undergraduate students, all students, and so on).

      Display Note

      Display Note is a very short note to the learners. This will be displayed on the module tile under Non-Academic Modules tab.

  3. Click on the Save button.

(B) Turn off non-academic setting for a module

Go to Module Settings. Under Non-Academic Modules tab, switch off the setting.

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