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Adding edX contents in your LumiNUS module

Step 1: Login to LumiNUS with your NUSNET ID.

Step 2: Complete Option 1 by enroling into the course and searching for suitable course contents from edX. 


Ensure that the course will still be running during the time you want your students to access them.

For instructor-paced courses, course end and archive dates will be indicated on right side of course page.

Step 3: On the page, go to the specific content you would like to use and copy the URL (e.g.

The page may contain text readings, video, ungraded assignment, or a combination of these. Note that graded assignments are only accessible by verified (paid) learners. 

Step 4: Go back to your teaching module and on Module Overview, select the week number which you want insert the content in the Learning Flow. Click on + icon to Add Event/Item

Step 5: Select the dropdown and choose Weblink. If you had not added any weblinks in this module, select Create new edX Weblink and paste the URL

Step 6: Your selected edX content is now in the Learning Flow! Students can click on this link and they will be prompted to login with NUSNET ID to enrol into the course before access this content

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