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This is an opportune time to review your module and do some housekeeping and how it is organized.


  • Only the owner of the IVLE module can request for migration.
  • The IVLE module can only be requested to migrate once. Subsequent request to do a re-migrating to the same module will not be entertained.
  • Only the content is migrated. There's no access (which includes the facilitators and students) migration for the tools.
    • Managers will be migrated, but the user needs to re-grant the tools access to the managers and students.
  • Only modules and selective types of tools within the module.
    • Please indicate specifically which module and relevant tools types which are available to migrate.
      There is a form to submit a request which will be ready by end Dec 2018. We will expose the URL by then. Please check out this space.
    • Module more than an academic year old will not be migrated.
    • The newly migrated module need to indicate which new academic career and term. (as LumiNUS does not allow update of academic career and term info)
  • Please indicate the reason for migration.
    • "Using it for reference" is not a valid reason. You can refer it in IVLE.
  • Migration is on first come first serve basis.
  • After migration, please check and verify that the data/content are in proper.

Things that can migrate

Below is the stuff which you can select to be migrated.

IVLE ItemsDescription
  • Module settings (excluding Anonymous Feedback and Tags)
  • Module Description Sections
  • Facilitators
  • Text & Readings (excluding Library e-Reserves & e-Resources)
  • Weblinks
  • Settings (excluding access rights)
  • sections and questions (excluding student responses)
  • marking scheme

Folders and files (excluding access rights, student submission files, marks and comments of files, uploads and downloads logs)

  • Settings (excluding access rights)
  • Questions (excluding student responses)
  • Settings (excluding access rights)
  • Questions (excluding student responses)
Web LectureContents migrated to Web Lecture Cloud. Please send a request to Webcast Team (

Things not able to migrate

Below is the stuff which will not be migrated.

IVLE ItemsReason for not migrating


  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Tags 
  • Library e-Reserves & e-Resources
  • Anonymous Feedback and Tags are not supported in LumiNUS.
  • Library e-Reserves & e-Resources need to submit a new request and get approval from Library.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan is different from Learning Flow. It's a completely different flow.
ProjectNo more Project tool and is replaced with Evaluation.

No more banks in LumiNUS. When migrating the tools, the items are in the tools, as LumiNUS allows re-use question without bank.

AnnouncementPast announcements are not applicable to current.
ConsultationPast slots are not applicable to current.
SCORMChange in software. So, not possible to migrate.

Assessment, Survey, Poll

  • Student responses
Please refer past students' responses in IVLE.

Attendance and Participation are now of different flow and structure.

Past markings are not applicable to current.

Files (workbin)

  • Student submission files in normal submission folders
  • Marks and comments in Files
  • Logs (downloads, uploads) and activities
  • Please refer logs and past students' files, marks, and comments in IVLE.


  • Library media files
  • Engagement (Media Hits, etc)
  • MediaWeb
  • Relay (Screencast)
  • Library media files in LumiNUS are linked in Library Resources. Thus, there's a need to submit a new request and get approval from Library.
  • Logs and activities tied to the module or user will not be migrated as those are IVLE-related logs.
  • To retrieve MediaWeb files in LumiNUS, refer to this link: How to transfer content (MediaWeb channel) from IVLE to LumiNUS.
  • Relay is not longer supported after 31st Dec 2018.
Guest accountsGuest accounts created in IVLE is meant for IVLE system only.
Web LectureContents migrated to Web Lecture Cloud. Please send a request to Webcast Team (
Open Web LectureNot applicable to due to different structure and access.
Research RecruitmentPast recruitment are not applicable to current.


Past headings and postings can be referred in IVLE.
Class groups, guest rosterPast groups and guest roster and not applicable to current. The structure is different.
GradebookPast items with marks/grades/remarks can be referred in IVLE.
Chat RoomReplaced by another chat software.
Assessment/QuizThe video is progressive download in IVLE, but it's streaming in LumiNUS. Different structure.
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