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How to share direct URL for users to sign up?

To share the sign up link of non-academic modules (self-enrolment), replace part of the URL “modules” with “module-search” (e.g.

If the user has not login into LumiNUS, there will be a button that says Login To Enrol/Unenrol.

Publish the module to test the module link. 

  1. On the Dashboard, click on the Module Search tab.

  2. For the Module Type, select Non-Academic Modules (for self-enrol only).
    A list of non-academic modules will be displayed.

  3. Under the Enrol column, click on Yes to register for the module.

  4. After you have successfully signed up for the module, go back to the My Modules tab, click on Non-Academic Modules tab, and you will see the module which you have just enroled in.

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