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1. Does the computer that is showing the PowerPoint (e.g. LT PC) need the plugin?
Yes. The LT’s computer should already be installed with the plugin. You can check and test beforehand. Note: you also need to ensure that in the PPT Poll Everywhere tab, you are logged in before presenting.

2. Can we upload an image to questions?

Yes, for more information:

3. Can you restrict selected questions from a pool of questions open to all?

Yes. You can set individual poll settings / configuration and choose the audience restriction, “Everyone” or Registered Participants.

4. Can students change their answer after submitting?

Yes. Whether this is allowed or not is controlled by the question’s configuration (response settings) or if you edit your group of question, this is under Change Answer.

5. Does it work for PowerPoint on ipad?

It may depend if your iPad OS or PowerPoint version can support it. For more information:

6. Is it useful for serious assessment?

You can use for participation type of grading. However do consider if Poll Everywhere is the tool you want to use for serious assessment.

7. Will there be any support for importing student details into Poll Everywhere?

You can export the Class Roster from IVLE/LumiNUS and copy and paste the information into the respective columns in Poll Everywhere Excel format to import.

8. I cannot update my questions here after submission?

If this is regarding responding to a question, then it depends on the presenter response settings. As a presenter you may edit the response settings and allow the audience to change their answer/question.

9. Can you run through the process/flow for invited participants? Reason I'm asking is my audience is usually outside NUS. I’m wondering how they can "login" as participants. and if they attend subsequent sessions, how does it work?

Non-NUS participants can sign up the PE account to respond, or you may invite them using their personal email address to see how it works. This is a one time setup.

10. When you limit responses to a group of participants, what is their login ID & password?

For NUS students, it’s their NUSNET login and password. For non-NUS, it will be the email address you have imported and there will be instruction for them to set a password.

11. Is there a way to display QR code where participants can scan and participate immediately?

Yes, will be included soon.

12. Is the PowerPoint plugin available in other type of classroom apart from LT? E.g tutorial room, computer lab, etc?

In classroom not at the moment. You can bring your own laptop and install the plugin.

13. Is there a word limit for open ended questions?

None that we know of.

14. Currently the URL for my Poll is tied to my username. If I want to brand each session/event accordingly, can I change the URL for each session/event?


15. What’s the purpose of grouping questions?

For batch editing and reports and better organization if you teach more than 1 module.

16. Can I hide the bars that show the responses while students are responding?

Yes, there’s actually a way to do this. When you present the question and rollover the screen, there’s a button Show Results. Clicking this on / off will show and hide the responses from the students.

17. Is there swear words filter?

For Word Cloud, Open Ended, Q&A type of question, when you edit the question, there is a Moderation option (Configure > Moderation). Under Automatic Profanity Filter, you can choose to censor profanity (**** will appear to replace the offending word) or to block the responses completely (the offending response will not appear at all).