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If you are no longer using your old module, you might want to use "Move" instead of copy.

  1. Preparation step: If you have not created a MediaWeb channel in the module where you want to copy the videos to, please create a MediaWeb channel in that module first.
  2. Click the module you want to copy the videos from on My Modules > Teaching Modules. You will be brought to your module page.
  3. Click Multimedia on the left sidebar.
  4. Select the MediaWeb channel from which you want to copy the videos.
  5. For easy viewing, click on the icon by the right to expand the view.
  6. Search for the folder name you have created in MediaWeb. Alternatively, if the folder was previously under IVLE, click on browse > my folder > IVLE.

  7. Select the video(s) which you wish to copy and click on the copy/move button.

  8. Click the dropdown box and select the LumiNUS folder which you wish to move to.

  9. Click the blue copy/move buton.
  10. Navigate back to the LumiNUS folder you have created and the video will be shown in the folder. Please take note that the process will take awhile depending on the number and size of the videos.

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