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New web lecture recordings will only be available on LumiNUS from AY 18/19 (August) 2018.

Find out more about this and what you can do if you are a web lecture requester.

Why are new web lectures only available on LumiNUS?

Web lectures are moving to a cloud-based system, powered by Panopto, from AY 18/19 onward. As this required integration with the digital learning platform, CIT decided that it should be integrated only with LumiNUS as it will become NUS' main digital learning platform.

Why do I have to make a decision on which platform to use?

LumiNUS and IVLE are entirely separate systems. If you create a module (or content) in IVLE, it does not exist in LumiNUS, and vice-versa. So, you need to choose where to host each of your modules. Please refer to the general FAQ.

If I want to record a new web lecture, where will the web lecture be available?

From August 2018, new web lecture recording requests will lead to your web lecture being published on LumiNUS.

I want to record new web lectures, but I want to use IVLE in AY 18/19. What can I do?

For those use web lectures who are not ready to move to LumiNUS, you will need to:

  • Create a module in LumiNUS and IVLE.
  • Set up your module in IVLE as per normal.
  • Set up your module in LumiNUS, hiding all the tools except Web Lecture.
  • Request for Web Lecture recording as per normal.
  • Copy the Web Lectures URL for the module from LumiNUS and paste the URL in IVLE's weblinks (or another location in IVLE where students can access it).

I want to use existing web lectures, can I do so?

You may have recorded web lectures in the past. You can publish these existing web lectures.

However, please note which digital learning platform existing web lectures are available on.

  • In AY 18/19 Sem 1:
    • Web lectures recorded before August 2018 can only be mounted on IVLE.
  • In AY 18/19 Sem 2:
    • Web lectures recorded before August 2018 can be mounted in IVLE.
    • All web lectures (existing and new recordings) will be available in LumiNUS.

I want to record new web lectures as well as show some old web lectures. Should I host my module in LumiNUS or IVLE?

If there are no other factors to consider (see below), you can consider the following:

  • For AY 18/19 Sem 1:
    • If you have more existing Web lectures than new recordings, you may want to host your module on IVLE as only IVLE has the old recordings. Copy the web lecture URL from LumiNUS and paste into IVLE weblinks or another suitable place within the module.
    • If you will have more new web lecture recordings than pre-August 2018 ones, you may consider hosting your module on LumiNUS. Copy the web lecture URL from IVLE and paste into LumiNUS weblinks or another suitable place within the module.
  • For AY 18/19 Sem 2:
    • All web lectures (existing and new recordings) will be available in LumiNUS, so you can host your module in LumiNUS.
    • If you still wish to use IVLE, you can create the module in IVLE, then:

What other factors should I consider when choosing between LumiNUS or IVLE?

We encourage you to choose either LumiNUS or IVLE for each module.

  1. If you use the Project tool, it is only available in IVLE. An equivalent tool is currently in development for LumiNUS, and it is not ready for use.
  2. Are you co-teaching the module? Have a discussion with your co-teachers about this.
  3. How comfortable are you (and your students) with new technology?
  4. Is your tolerance of bugs low or high?
  5. What is your class size? If it is small, you might considering using LumiNUS.
  6. Is your use of IVLE mostly passive (e.g. announcements, distributing lecture material, collecting assignments) or does it involve grading (e.g. online quizzes, forum participation marks etc.)? If you use IVLE in a mostly passive manner, you may consider switching to LumiNUS.

We do not encourage you to host one module on both LumiNUS and IVLE. However, in some situations, it may be inevitable. Please read a possible scenario suggesting how to resolve these situations.

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