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In your Survey main page where all your surveys are listed, you will see that each of the survey has an ellipsis in their row. When you rollover on the ellipsis, you will find these self-explanatory options:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Publish / Unpublish
  • Duplicate

For Edit, you can also click on the survey title to bring you to the Configure page.

The Publish and Unpublish buttons in the ellipsis will appear accordingly depending of the current status of the survey. Please note that even though your survey is published, you may still see the yellow invisible flag on the survey’s row because the survey might be closed. In this case, students can see the survey in their survey listing but they cannot enter the survey.

For a survey to be accessible for students, it has to be both published and opened. You can make sure that these two conditions are met by accessing the CONFIGURE page of the survey.

For Duplicate, you have the option to duplicate the survey into the current module or to a different module. If you choose to duplicate the survey into a different module, a Search for Module field will appear. Type in the module that you want the survey to be duplicated to and then click the Duplicate button.

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