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A survey can be created from the Survey tool or while adding them through Learning Flow. The steps to create a survey from the Survey tool are as follows:

  1. Click the module card from the landing page, you will be brought to the module page.
  2. Click Survey.
  3. If you currently do not have any survey, when you enter Survey you will see a remark indicating that there is no survey and a link to create one, click that link. Alternatively, click + CREATE A SURVEY.
  4. You will be brought to the CONFIGURE page of the survey. Fill in the form as follows:
    1. Fill in the Survey Name.
    2. Specify the Survey start date.
    3. Specify the Survey end date.
    4. For Publish, it is recommended that you leave it as No. When you have finished building the survey, you can then publish the survey.
    5. Place a tick on Add as task if you want this survey to be listed as tasks for your students.
    6. Set the permission of the survey. If you want to grant access to everyone, tick Everyone in this Module.
    7. Specify the View option of the survey. This will control how the questions will appear.
    8. Specify the Anonymity of the survey. This is to set if you want the respondent to be identified by their name or id or fully anonymous.
    9. Set Modify after submission? to Yes if you allow your respondent to modify their submission.


You will then be brought to the BUILD page where you will see the options / bars to:

  1. add an introduction;
  2. add a question;
  3. add a closing screen.

By clicking on the options / bars, you will be brought to the next step in completing the process. Bar 1 (introduction) and Bar 3 (closing screen) will change its appearance based on the content that you put in. You can click on them to make changes or edits.

For adding question, once you click + ADD A QUESTION bar you will be presented with the options to:

  • Add from question bank
    When you click on this option, the Content Bank form will appear and it will list all question banks that you have access to and all the available questions that can be imported. Place a tick on the questions that you want to add and click DONE to complete the process.
  • Create from scratch
    When you click on this option, the form to create the question will appear. Choose a question type and fill in the form.

Note: For Likert Scale and Semantic Differential questions, there is an option to add in Heading Description. These description will appear during the survey when the respondents roll over on the heading.


Once you have added questions, you will see the option CLICK TO ADD A SECTION which you can click to add a section. Sections can be useful to categorize or group your questions, particularly if you have many questions.


If you need to edit a section, click on the section title and you will see the same form that you have when you create the section which you can use to edit the section.

Questions that you have are represented by boxes and these can be dragged and dropped to arrange them into sequence or to place them into section.

Please remember to click SAVE SURVEY when you have finished building the survey.

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