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All questions aside from essay will be automatically marked and you can see the results from the RESULTS page. To access this page from your Quiz main page where all your quizzes are listed, you will first need to edit the quiz. You can do so by either one of this method:

  • Click the quiz title that you want to view.
  • Click the Edit button located in the ellipsis of your quiz.

The first page you will see is the CONFIGURE page. Click the RESULTS tab to access the RESULTS page.

The Results page will show all students who have attempted the quiz. Their status will be marked as Completed if they have submitted / completed the quiz and Incomplete if they have started but have not submitted / completed the quiz.

In each student rows, you will see an ellipsis with Edit and Delete button. You can use Delete to delete that student’s attempt and Edit to manually change the marks for each question or mark an essay question. Alternatively, you can also click on the students’ name to edit their marks.

Other features that you can find on the Results page are:

  • Export Attempt to Excel – The following reports can be exported: all completed attempts, first marked attempt, last marked attempt, best marked attempt.
  • Re-mark – This can be used to re-mark the class if changes has been made on the quiz.
  • Delete all Attempts – This will delete all students’ attempt.
  • Submit all Attempts - This is to submit all incomplete attempts on behalf of students.

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