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The steps to create a thread are as follows:

  1. Click the module card from the landing page, you will be brought to your module page.
  2. Click Forum.
  3. Click the Category where you want to post the thread.
  5. Fill in the title and the post.
  6. Click CREATE.

If you want to reply to a thread or a post, you will first need to click on the thread. For each post that appear on that thread, you will see the options to subscribe, reply, edit, and delete. When you subscribe to a post, you will get a notification in News & Notifications whenever there is a reply to the post.

As an instructor, you can delete any post and any thread in the forum. However for students, they can only delete their own post or the thread that they started. Once a thread is deleted, any reply post under it will be deleted as well.

For edit, users can only edit the post that they created.

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