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If you want to re-use the module that you have created previously, the steps are as follows:

  1. Click the + Create Module card from MY MODULES page.
  2. A form will appear and you will have to fill it accordingly.
    1. Choose your module's academic career and term (academic year and semester).
    2. For module code, select I’m duplicating an existing module.
    3. Fill in the module code that you want to duplicate. If it has a new module code or title, click Rename Module and fill in the new module code and title accordingly.

    4. Choose your Faculty.
    5. Choose your Department.
    6. If you are ready to publish the module, click the Publish Module box.
    7. Fill in the start and end date. If you are unsure what the date should be, fill in the start and end date of the semester.
    8. Click Next. You will be brought to the Module Content tab where you can select which course materials to be duplicated.


      Note that  some of the things will not be duplicated. Please go through the list of items that can be duplicated and those that cannot be duplicated.

      Click Create.

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