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Module Details is where you can add more information regarding your module. You are recommended to add as much information as you can regarding your module since these information will be shown when users search for your module in LumiNUS.

There are a few components inside Module Details:

Click to expand sections.

  • When you create a new module, some sections with headers such as Learning Outcomes, Syllabus, Synopsis, etc are already created for you. You can fill in the information for these sections manually by using the edit button in the ellipsis.
  • Other information like Description, Workload, Pre-requisites, etc are retrieved from NUS Bulletin. If the information is outdated, you may click on Refresh from EduRec.
    For more info, please refer to: Information retrieved from NUS Bulletin.
  • If you need to create a new section, you can use + CREATE A SECTION.
  • If you need to delete a section, you can use the delete button in the ellipsis.


There are 2 ways to add facilitator for your module:

  • Click + ADD FACILITATOR button to add your facilitator one by one. You will need to add your facilitator by searching for their name, email, or user id. After the user is found, you can specify their Role and Access Control.

  • Click Import from Excel to add multiple facilitator. To make sure that you have the correct excel format, please download the template and fill them accordingly.

Once you have added your facilitators, they will be listed. Each of them will have an ellipsis, inside which you will find buttons to edit or delete them.


There are 2 types of Readings and you can add them using their respective option:

  • Formatted Reading – Formatted reading can be added by clicking + CREATE FORMATTED. When you add a formatted reading, you will need to search by ISBN. Once the reading is found, its information will automatically be filled.

  • Unformatted Reading – If you do not have the ISBN of the reading or the information of the reading was not found when you try to add them through + CREATE FORMATTED, you can add the reading through + Create Unformatted.

Once you have added your readings, they will be listed. Each of them will have an ellipsis, inside which you will find buttons to edit or delete them.


Click + CREATE A WEBLINK to add a link. In the form that appear during creation and edit, you are able to rate the link. By default, the listing of the links will show the highest rated link appearing on top. However if you have a sequence that you prefer, you can use the Rearrange button to rearrange them.

In each of the listed weblink, the ellipsis will show the option to edit, delete, and log. Log will show how many clicks the link gets.


Click REFRESH FROM EDUREC to get your official module’s timetable be imported from CMIS .

 Library Resources

Library resources contain book chapters and/or journal articles in electronic form that are recommended by teaching staff. They are in PDF or hyperlinks to electronic resources currently subscribed by NUS Libraries and they are published via LumiNUS in the specific module pages. Only NUS staff and students enrolled in the specific module has access to the resources. The "Library" folder will be displayed in the module pages if it is available.

For more information on using this service, please refer to the following guide: E-Reserves for Faculty Staff.

Once your Library E-Reserves has been published, you can link them in LumiNUS by clicking the Link Folder option found on the right hand side.

All the components In Module Details except TIMETABLE have Rearrange feature in them. So if you have a particular sequence in which you want your items to appear, use this button to rearrange them.

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