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To access module settings, click the module card from the landing page, you will be brought to the module page.

From there, under the GENERAL header on the left side, you will be able to see Settings option.

The module settings is divided into 3 tabs:

Click to expand sections.


In GENERAL, you cannot make changes on the Academic Year and Module Code*. However, you can make changes on the Module title, Faculty, Department, Start and End Date. Here you will also find the option to publish the module.

 Other Settings

Under Other Settings tab, you can add your module trailer, whether it is public searchable.

Public searchable means that the user can navigate to your module (with limited content) without logging into LumiNUS.

 Non-Academic Modules

In NON-ACADEMIC MODULES, you can specify whether the module is a non-academic module.

Please remember to click SAVE when you make any changes on settings.

What if I need to change my module code or academic year?

Since you cannot change Academic Year and Module Code through settings, there 2 recommended solutions if you need to change this:

1)      If your module already has some content in them and you want to keep them, go to MY MODULES page and create a new module. However instead of creating new one, choose I’m duplicating an existing module.


2)      If your module does not have any content, delete the module and create a new one with the correct academic year and code.

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