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You cannot change the Academic Career and Term once the module is created.

Please check that you have indicated the correct academic year and semester.

This is so that the data is correctly reflected in the indicated term for future analytics.

The process for creating a module whether it is an academic module or a non-academic module is the same. The steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure you are at My Modules tab > Teaching Modules tab. 

  2. Click + Create Module card from MY MODULES page.

  3. A form will appear and you will have to fill it accordingly.
    1. Choose your Academic Career followed by the Term.
    2. For module code, select I’m creating a new module.
      1.  If you already have a module code, enter the module code and the system will begin a search and if the module code is found, the module title will be reflected accordingly.
      2. If you do not have a module code yet, enter your module code and title. Alternatively, you can click GENERATE CODE button to have a unique module code generated for you.
    3. Choose your Faculty.
    4. Choose your Department.
    5. If you are ready to publish the module, click the Publish Module? box.*
    6. Fill in the start and end date. If you are unsure what the date should be, fill in the start and end date of the semester.
    7. Click CREATE.

Should I publish my module during creation?

When you create your module, your students may not necessarily be imported yet. This is because you may create the module before students enroll for it. Publishing the module also does not mean it will straight away be visible for students, because a module will only be visible when it is published AND has started. You are recommended to fill in information regarding the module before it is visible for the students.

Publishing during module creation does not give an advantage over not publishing and vice versa. If you choose not to publish during creation, you can always go to Module Settings to publish the module.

Once you have completed the module creation steps, you will be brought to the module page (Module Overview). Here you will see the options to add module trailer and text for module overview. It is recommended that you add these information because these are the information that will appear when users enter your module or search for your module in LumiNUS.

To specify that the module is a non-academic module, you will need to go to Module Settings > Non-Academic Modules to select the corresponding option.

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