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There has been a large increase in Indian language content on the Internet.  Many infocomm technology entrepreneurs have realized the huge potential of the global market.  At first, most web sites targeted the global Diaspora of Overseas Indians who had more access to the Internet, not to mention the credit cards that drive Net commerce.  But there is a growing realization that the internet can also reach the large and wealthy Indian Middle class.  This group is rapidly connecting to the internet  and there is increased use of credit cards.

 Secondly, B2B (Business to Business) transactions are increased.  Many Indian businessmen are interested in overseas markets, the Internet provides an efficient medium of communications - an important factor that has retarded a great deal of trade in the past. Blog, email and e-commerce web sites are available 24 hours a day.  For the big and rapidly growing computer software industry, the Internet offers the ability to reach a client, respond to problems on a real time basis, and transfer products instantly with the click of a mouse. Every year, India exports billions of dollars of software, and the industry is growing extremely fast.  The Internet represents the great potential for India, and the demand for efficient Internet infrastructure is also rising.  But the Internet has not yet been met quality and this represents an enormous barrier to business and societal development.