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A web log, or blog, is a website of personal origin that uses a dated log format that is updated daily or frequently with new recounts about a topic. The information may be contributed solely by the blog owner, or integrated with information from other sources ranging from Internet websites to journals and articles.

Due to its easy creation, blogs are rising in popularity, as can be seen from the 70 million blogs present on the Internet as of October 2007. In view of the high accessibility and readability rates of blogs, organisations as well as individual researchers are beginning to leverage on blogs as a holding site to store information as well as a medium to reach out to the masses. Green Awareness and its related issues are therefore also widely found on blogs. In such a way, Green Awareness is promoted.

Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a blog that focuses on Climate Change. It is hosted by Nature Reports: Climate Change to "facilitate lively and informative discussion on the science and wider implications of global warming". The articles in the blog reflect the lastest news, solutions and reports centering on climate change. For instance, there is an article titled "Obama victory brings new hope for climate policy, dark days for fossil fuels", which speculates how Obama, the 44th elected President of America, will be dealing with the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and "moving the economy into clean-energy mode".

Recycling Awareness Blog

This blog offers "tips on ways to recycle, remind us to recycle and encourage us to minimize waste in our world". The authors of the blog update their articles very frequently and all of the articles are relevant to recycling, such as "Integrated Solutions for Recycling", "Paper Recycling At Work" and "Plastic Bottle Deposits". The posting of pictures on the blog enables readers to understand more about the useful and clever tips put up, thus individuals are able to play their role as an environmentally responsible citizen realistically and concretely.

Examples of Other Blogs that Promote Green Awareness:

Online Journals/Articles

Many online journals and articles on climate change can be found on the Internet. In various cases, payment is required to get access to these resources. Yet, articles written for newspresses and magazines, such as TIME and Newsweek, have also been converted to electronic forms and put up on the Internet. Online journals and articles usually comprise of the essence from scholastic research work and take on a more formal and detailed analysis approach than most blogs in general. The contents of the articles point to a greater precision and accuracy, as such works have usually gone through proofreading, unlike blogs. Such resources have been useful for people, especially students, who are delving into the topic of Climate Change to acquire more knowledge or specific points of arguments in the area. Internet users simply have to type in related search words or phrases to get links to these articles.

Examples of titles of online journals and articles on climate change:


A forum is a platform that allows Internet users to post comments on the spot about a particular subject of interest. It enables people all over the world to discuss topics, debate on a certain issue and share their feelings with regards to a social problem. As a result, people can share their ideas, information and thoughts on climate change conveniently through forums. They can also share their tips and experiences on how to be a "green citizen".

The Environment Site Forums

As long as one has been registered as a member on the forum, he is able to not only post his own threads, but also give comments on others'. The topics under discussions are all linked to climate change. Users on the forum share their advices on how to fight climate change. For example, a tip is posted to encourage travelling to work by public transportation like bus instead of personal cars so as to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The Online Citizen

This online forum is based in Singapore, where people can post their opinions on various issues that surround Singapore. Many people expressed their concerns on climate change. An article entitled "Climate change - the other terrorism facing Singapore", writen by Eddie Choo, talked about why citizens should regard climate change as the other terrorism and what the government should do to tackle the problem.

Online Videos/films/documentaries

Online Videos

It is effortless to retrieve numerous videos about climate change when one enters the phrase "climate change" into the searchbox on YouTube. Such videos include solutions, causes and consequences of climate change and provide a visual alternative to people who wish to be acquainted with the topic. As graphics are involved, videos are more appealing than text-based articles and hence effective and influential in demonstrating the effects of climate change.


Films and documentaries are more popular among people, regardless of young and old. There are many films and documentaries aimed at promoting green awareness, which have been uploaded on video websites such as YouTube. Much as copyright issues are debated, such online medium provides a faster way for the intended messages to reach a wider audience, because of the interconnectedness of the Internet with the world.

Examples of Films and Documentaries:
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • The 11th hour
  • Tornado
  • Storm
  • The Great Global Warming Swindle
  • Planet Earth


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