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  • Collaborations between IT & Medical Sciences
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In recent times, healthcare in India is facing several problems such as lack of trained staff, lack of awareness about diseases among the mass and aging population. It is crucial that healthcare starts to acknowledge ICT and integrate it into their system to increase efficiency. Projects such as 'Technology Driven Healthcare Delivery System' and " Delivering Large Scale Change in Healthcare Through ICT"  have been launched to improve the healthcare system. Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI), receives more than 300000 emergency calls daily. ICT has to be incorporated to facilitate emergency management and accessibility of information. ICT also can be a medium to create awareness among the mass.
For example, they are trying to increase awareness about cervical cancer  and better healthcare for women as mentioned by Dr. Ajoy K. Ray, Head, Medical Science and Technology, IIT Kharagpur. ICT is believed to increase the ranking of healthcare internationally, develop economic benefits for the nation and create a better working experience for the healthcare workers.