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  • A first step towards a "Korea-EU ICT Cooperation Center" has been undertaken
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April 1, 2008

Yesterday, the President of the Institute for Information Technology Advancement (IITA), Mr. Sung-Ok Lee and Mr. Roger Torrenti, CEO of Orionis, jointly signed a Letter of Intent representing a first step towards a dynamic joint Korea-EU Cooperation Center in the ICT field.

This Korea-EU R&D Cooperation Center functions as a contact point and information window for any aspect in terms of S&T cooperation and ICT evolutions between Europe and Korea. Both parties will cooperate in the exchange of information on the evolution of technology development pathways and exchange of understanding of market demands to support research planning and project selection in an effort to enhance the growth of ICT business in Europe and Korea. This Cooperation Center also represents an opportunity for any staff exchange for the purpose of knowledge learning and sharing.


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