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Most of the Music Theory Elective modules under the Analysis and Composition department are available for enrollment to NUS students. Some of those modules require a placement exam. Below is a list of the modules that require a placement evaluation as well as the information and guidelines for the evaluation.

MUSIC MODULES requiring Theory Placement and Video Audition 

[2019/2020 Semester 1]

MUT3216 Bach Suites, 4 MCs (Dr Chen Zhangyi) Thursdays 9.00-11.00am, SR5

MUT3215 Fundamentals of Composition, 4 MCs (Ms Adeline Wong) Thursdays 2.00-4.00pm Lecture, SR8

MUA3205 Jazz Study and Performance 1, 4 MCs (Assoc Prof Tony Makarome) Workshop [Choose one: Thursdays 12.00-2.00pm, or Thursdays 2.00-4.00pm]

[2018/19 Sem. 2]

1) *MUT3222 Choral Composition (Dr Chen Zhangyi) Thursdays, 10am-noon. SR8

2) *MUT3202 Sonata Forms (Ms Adeline Wong) Thursdays, 10am-noon. SR3

3) *MUT3223 Early 20th Century Music (Ms Adeline Wong) Thursdays, 2pm-4pm. SR4

4) *MUT3220 Wind Ensemble Arranging/Composition (Dr Lien Boon Hua) Tuesdays, 9-11am. SR5

5) *MUA3228 Analysis from a Keyboard Perspective (Dr Khoo Hui Ling), Fridays, 12-2pm, SR2


Selection on ModReg is not required for the above modules. Your requested module will be pre-allocated to you upon meeting the Placement requirements.

Once you have passed the placement requirements, you'll be registered on our list of qualified students. This allows you to take any listed Music Modules of the same entrance requirements.

For a student who is not successful with the placement evaluation, we encourage you to explore modules that do not require a placement exam. For instance, enrolling into MUT1201 Introduction to Classical Music Composition, will provide the support in developing skills required for the placement exam, among other things.


PLACEMENT DATES (Sign-up on the link on the left)

Semester 1: Orientation period - Thursday 18 July 2019, 2pm-3pm at YST (venue tba)

Semester 2: First week of January -  Wednesday, 2 January 2019, 11am-12pm at SR1

Links to Self-Assessments and Answer Keys

PART I - Theory_Self-Evaluation.pdf

PART I - Theory_Self-Evaluation (ANSWER KEY).pdf

PART II - Theory_Self-Evaluation.pdf

PART II - Theory_Self-Evaluation (ANSWER KEY).pdf

B) PRACTICAL (Audition Video)

As many of these music modules integrate Analysis, Composition and Performance, there is the Audition component required for entry.

You have to send in an unlisted link (youtube etc.) of a short video, that demonstrates your proficiency on an instrument (or voice).

1) Video Duration: 3-5 minutes

2) Repertoire: any style, not restricted to classical, pop or jazz

3) It needs to be a solo audition video 

4) Email your unlisted video link, after you receive notification of passing the theory placement

5) Deadline: Monday 22 July 2019

Please enter your details on the sign-up page (on left):

  • If you are unable to sign up on the wiki page, you probably need to create an account through your NUS details.
  • If that still doesn't work, kindly email Dr. Chen Zhangyi ( to sign up for the Theory Placement.

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